Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God The Struggle for the Perfect ManWhen we find a love interest and have an opportunity to commit to him or her, we usually do, not noting the consequences we may face by doing so.The first few times around, however, the outcome is usually not the one we had expected and […]

Sports and Aggressive Behavior

Sport and aggressive behavior, Do sports create aggressive behavior, or simply attract people who are already aggressive? Aggression and sport have gone together as long as sports have been around, be it the players themselves, to the parents, coaches, or spectators, they just seem to be an inseparable part of each other. The term violence […]

Charlton Heston

addressing the Harvard Law School Forum I remember my son when he was five, explaining to his kindergarten class what his father did for a living. “My Daddy,” he said, “pretends to be people.” There have been quite a few of them. Prophets from the Old and New Testaments, a couple of Christian saints, generals […]

Pauls letter to the Galatians

Paul’s Letter To The GalatiansA Humanities Essay That TeachesThe Study of The Bible AsA Historical DocumentPAUL’S LETTER TO THE GALATIANS:When Paul attended the Jerusalem Conference in 48 or 49, a decisionwas made that gentiles would be allowed to become Christians withoutbecoming Jews first (ie. have a circumcision, and follow the JewishLaws). Paul, being the one […]


A Question of ReligionBram Stoker’s novel Dracula is a mystifying horror story that occurred sometime in the late nineteenth century, where a young English lawyer takes an excursion to Count Dracula located in Transylvania, in hopes of finalizing a real estate transfer. The novel portrays a gross representation of Anti-Christian values and beliefs, through one […]

The destruction of the human s

The human spirit is one of the most beautiful forces in the world, but it is also one of the most vulnerable.In the novels Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, this idea of the human spirit is portrayed clearly.Both novels have similar aspects about the human spirit, but […]

Oil In America

Oil in AmericaAmerica has many problems with it’s environment. The facts areclear that most corporations won’t take the blame for them. These companies tryto find ways out by stating that they are not the ones responsible for theseproblems. They try to protect themselves from the mistakes they made in the oilindustry and the country. The […]

Homer & The Odyssey

Homer, name traditionally assigned to the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two major epics of Greek antiquity. Nothing is known of Homer as an individual, and in fact it is a matter of controversy whether a single person can be said to have written both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Linguistic and […]


TABLE OF CONTENTSOutlinePage1State FlagPage2Map of ColoradoPage3State Location, Geography and ClimatePage4U.S. Map with Colorado LocationPage6State Bird, Flower, Tree, Motto and SealPage7Ancient History of ColoradoPage8Recent History of ColoradoPage 10Plants and Animals of ColoradoPage 12Natural Resources MapPage 13Natural Resources and ProductsPage 14Special Features About ColoradoPage 15Recipes of ColoradoPage 16 BibliographyPage 17OutlineI. Colorado – The Centennial Statea. Flagb. State […]