The Olympic Games

The Olympic GamesThe Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began inancient Greece. The original Greek games were staged every fourth year forseveral hundred years, until they were abolished in the early Christian era. The revival of the Olympic Games took place in 1896, and since then they havebeen staged every fourth year, except […]

Of mice and men

“Apple Expands iPod Offering and Consolidates Its Strong Position”Van Baker writes for GartnerG2, “Apple is not resting on its past success, and is defending its market dominance with refreshed versions of its iPod mini and iPod photo lines. Apple already owns 65% of the MP3 market, and will strengthen this position with a new broad […]

Justification of Violence

Justification of ViolenceViolence and the justification of it has been an issue for as long as theworld has been in existence. There are many conflicting opinions on the subject,many in favor and many opposing the idea. I am personally split on the issue; Ibelieve that in some cases, violence can be justified; however, I also […]

Women Rights | |

||Since the first American colonies existed, women|||have been characterized for having less civil rights|||with less career opportunities than men. For many|||years women have been fighting to enjoy their own|||rights. Women have raised their voices to demand|||their full civil and political rights. Women have|||had to overcome many economic, political, and even |||social obstacles created by men […]

Computers and Biology

Computers have enhance the study of Biology tremendously, as welldiscoveries have enhance the progression of computers. Withoutcomputers, Biology would be no where. We would not have the hightech microscopes. We would not be able to process information atlighting speeds. Finally, we would have no place to store all theinformation that we gathered. Can you imagine […]


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Edward Gein

All through history there have been stories of death and killing. There have been many murders in America. Some killers have had odd practices that they inflict on their victims; however, few have gone to the extent of Edward Gein. Because of his obsession with women and odd practices committed on the bodies of his […]

The Color Purple Book Report

1.The main character in The Color Purple is a young black Georgia girl named Celie. She is uneducated and uses a non-standard dialect when writing and speaking. She was born into a poor family. Her mother was ill much of the time, and there were too many children. She was raped by her father, who […]

Racism’s Nature

In our textbook, prejudice is defined as: ” a form of thinking whereby anindividual forms an unfavorable attitude directed towards groups of people,based on insufficient or incorrect evidence about these groups”. Prejudicehas been a part of society for as long as society has been. There are manydifferent theories on the reasons for why people form […]


Oh, they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezingprocess, that is.”– C-3P0 As any Ugnaught will tell you, there’s more to Cloud City than just Dark Deal or a bad case of gas. One ofthe more eagerly awaited features of Cloud City was Carbon-Freezing, and, although it […]