What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a path of teaching and practice. Buddhist practices such asmeditation are means of changing oneself in order to develop the qualities ofawareness, kindness, and wisdom. The experience developed within the Buddhisttradition over thousands of years has created an incomparable resource for allthose who wish to follow the path of spiritual development. Ultimately, theBuddhist […]

The Deadly Social Cloud (satire)

The Deadly Social CloudOur society is tormented everyday with a grave injustice. Americans must tolerate these hayness acts and must bear with them every single day of their lives. In regards to very strong complaints by common citizens all over the United States, laws have tried to stop certain acts that these heathens commit. I […]

In this cold generation

In this cold generation, called “Generation X,” where young men and women find themselves lost wondering what to do with their life, finding a passion for something, a passion that rules your life, is very important. I found out in my interview with Phil Gervais that unlike many of his generation he has a direction.He […]

Love medicine

Love MedicineLove Medicine is a novel about relationships. It is about families and lovers. It is about love as the tie that binds. The characters in the novel live throughout their lives experiencing different things with different people, but it all comes back to love as the force that brings them together. The story is […]

Robert E Lee

Robert E LeeRobert Edward Lee was born on January 19th, 1807 in Stratford, Virginia. Robert’s father was thrown in debtors jail many times for not paying on time. He was introduced to war early in his life; his brother Sydney had shown him a cannon ball and told him about the revolution. Mrs. Lee’s stepson […]

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson has exceeded the point of recognition, and has become a role model for young and old alike.Her popularity has evolved over the years due in part for her notorious role as Special Agent Dana Scully, on the once cult hit television series The X-Files.With the show now entering its 7th season, […]

Descartes epistemology

Descartes epistemology is known as foundationalism. In his Meditations, Descartes tries to discover certain, indubitable foundations for knowledge. He is searching for absolute certainty, and does this by subjecting everything to doubt. Through this he reaches the one thing he believes to be certain, his existence. In Meditation One, Descartes describes his method of doubt. […]

The Traversal of the Infinite

Sam Vaknin’s Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web SitesFiniteness has to do with the existence of boundaries. Intuitively, we feel that where there is a separation, a border, a threshold there is bound to be at least one thing finite out of a minimum of two. This, of course, is not true. Two infinite […]

Theme for English B

In the poem “Theme for English B”, by Langston Hughes, Hughes talks about the African American struggle for equality. This is a common subject for Hughes. In many of his poems he speaks about blacks and the injustices that they face. Another common subject for Hughes is the town, Harlem, which is also mentioned in […]